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Mim-Pi Hobo Chic


Always colourful, hip and sweet, Mim-pi takes it to the next level in the summer of 2015: this collection has a special, fashionable spring line titled HAPPY.

It is designed with an active and energetic girl in mind. She wants to wear clothes that are unique and stylish, but allow her to move freely. The result: everyday wear with a twist. Each item is decorated with embroideries, shiny studs and sparkly Swarovski's, giving this high-fashion collection a distinctive Mim-pi look.
Designer Eleonora Nieuwenhuizen: "This collection is much like the hit song Happy: bouncy and dancy. And it is made for spring as well as summer. I added extra sweaters, jogging pants and onesie suits to this year's collection, so you can practically wear this collection year-round. The pieces are sporty and the added bling bling gives each outfit a dressed-up look."